crunchy edges, tasty in the middle
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wedges hole year around
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Chocolate FriesChocolate Fries

fries covered with tasty chocolate
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best taste and the healthiest
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Fry'n'DipSurf wings

chicken nuggets made ​​by a special recipe
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is designed as a perfect way of selling fries on the beaches, in a tourist places, on the fairs, manifestations ecc. This object is equipped with a 14 KW strong deep fryer with two 10 liter pools. Deep fryer works with a gas from standard bottles, which are connected with a specially built gas branch. To keep fries warm even after frying, we equipped bagna maria with Infra Red light. Since our fries perfectly fit our dips, we predicted a place to hold 4 surf dips. Surf’n’Fries - Mobile satisfies all necessary conditions and it is made of inox material, completely attested, for what you will get all neccessary documentation. Considering sanitary conditions, the object has built-in space for washing hands with hot and cold water, senzor tap, and container for wastewater. To make this object more attractive, we used our already proven design, and for the extra effect we asured also a LED lighting, so Surf n Fries - Mobil will be particulary attractive during the evening hours. When it comes to safety, this object is projected that the roof can be lowered and folded, and above it comes a tent with a steel cable which protects the object from rain, vandalism and etc. For easier handling there are built in wheels, and feet, whois height can be adjusted. By purchasing this item You get the right to be working under the famous brand for selling fries, staff training, guarantees for the technical elements, distribution and delivery of all goods and packaging.


Dimensions: 1.80 * 0.80 m
Weight: cca. 200 kg
Capacity: 500 portions daily
Deep fryer strenght: 14 Kw
Deep fryer volume: 2*10 liters
Deep fryer type: gas
Bagna maria heating: Infra Red light
Night lighting: LED technology
Material: Inox 2,5 mm


Andrija Colak
+385 91 303 2222